30 760 000 € is the annual turnover of our clients
thanks to e-commerce
Clients grow with us on average by 87% per year
960 € That much we save our clients on average on internal operation
We know no boundaries.
We expand with our clients into
5 European countries


Digital-marketing agency. We focus primarily on performance channels of digital marketing, their automation and the most efficient operation.

Today our clients have reached a turnover of
FIREMEDIA is the first agency to reflect on our real needs and potential, and instead of "routine work" done for certain monthly fee, they helped us to build an internal team and processes, thanks to which we are able to manage our marketing in a long-term and effective way on our own.
Rudolf Konečný, Head of Sales, Smarty CZ a.s.
Rudolf Konečný
Head of Sales, Smarty CZ a.s.
The FIREMEDIA team took over the campaigns in the least grateful moment - when we were changing the entire e-shop and its conversion dropped. Despite this situation, thanks to their activity, they were able to get the conversion up again and expand our campaigns to areas such as affiliate or e-mailing, which brought us almost a quarter of turnover in the third month of our cooperation.
David Homola, Co-founder, WOODIES.CZ
David Homola
Co-founder, WOODIES.CZ