Erhöhung des Umsatzes um 10 %

Increased turnover by 10 %

Erhöhung der Konversionszahl um 12 %

Increased number of conversions by 12 %

Erhöhung des Umsatzes von bezahlten Kanälen um 10 %

Increased turnover from paid channels by 10 %


Smarty is the largest online mobile phone shop on the Czech market. Our cooperation began in the summer of 2015, when we got a single goal – to deliver better results.


We decided to use the See-Think-Do-Care model. First we took care of the complete management of all the performance marketing channels and gradually passed them to the hands of internal specialists. Today, we help the internal team as consultants in the work itself and strategic steps.


During the first six months, we have increased the total turnover by 10% and the turnover from paid channels even by 47%. Moreover, we have also trained an independent marketing specialist for the team.

Client's comment

Rudolf Konečný, Head of Sales, Smarty CZ a.s.
"FIREMEDIA is the first agency to reflect on our real needs and potential, and instead of "routine work" done for certain monthly fee, they helped us to build an internal team and processes, thanks to which we are able to manage our marketing in a long-term and effective way on our own."

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