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We work in a small team, effectively and whenever it is possible, we automate. We like clearly measurable results, on which we build. However, we are also aware of the effects that cannot be measured by money.

AdWords & Sklik

From text search ads to dynamic product ads. We keep up with new formats and updates in advertising systems. Thanks to that, we are able to design such campaign forms that fit the needs of 95% of clients.

Thanks to our technical specialization, we can automate the maximum of processes, so we are able to do more in less time. Regular reporting is a natural part of our work.

AdWords & Sklik

Facebook Ads

Infinite number of targeting possibilities of Facebook Ads is what we like on Facebook. Thanks to the extremely detailed targeting options, we are also able to create highly effective campaigns on Facebook.

And in order not to be purely technical here, we like experimenting with new possibilities offered by Facebook and we are trying to find a model of how to use them.

FB Ads


We always try to be efficient at work. But nobody is perfect, so we are constantly working on increasing the efficiency of processes within the agency and scripts that help us to automate our work.

And if you solve a problem within automation we have not come across yet, it is a challenge for us.


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